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9/18/2013Iowa--Dubuque Intimidates Families
9/6/2013Council Bluffs Threatens Prosecution
8/26/2013Iowa--HSLDA Sends Letter to School Districts about Families Not Filing
8/19/2013Revolutionary Improvement IV: The Five Homeschool Options Compared
7/11/2013Iowa Revolutionary Improvement II: Driver's Education Blossoms
7/3/2013Iowa: Revolutionary Improvement III: New "Private Instruction" Homeschool Option
6/28/2013Iowa: Reminder--Evaluation Due by June 30
5/24/2013Iowa--Revolutionary Improvement in Homeschool Law, Chap. 1: IPI Arrives July 1
5/8/2013HSLDA's Senior Counsel and High School Consultant at 2013 NICHE Conference!
3/27/2013Iowa--Update on "Independent Private Instruction"
3/26/2013IOWA--Emails Needed Urgently!
2/27/2013Iowa--Call to Support Families in Crisis
2/13/2013Iowa--Anti-Parent Bill Dies in Subcommittee
2/8/2013Iowa--Calls Needed Before Tuesday to Protect Kids from Unwanted Visits
2/8/2013Iowa: Calls Needed to Support Bill Protecting Children of Divorce