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10/25/2011Iowa: Bondurant-Farrar Testing Letter Sows Confusion
8/26/2011Iowa--Post Secondary Enrollment Option Form Now Available
8/9/2011Iowa--Homeschoolers Prevail: State Repudiates its Restriction on No-Cost Testing
6/23/2011Iowa--Submit Evaluations by June 30
4/13/2011Iowa--Deadlines Trump Good and Bad Bills
3/30/2011Iowa--Calls to Sen. Quirmbach Needed Immediately!
3/29/2011Iowa--Call Immediately: New Homeschool Option at Stake
3/23/2011Iowa--Driver Ed and New Homeschool Option Need Your Help Now!
3/21/2011Iowa--Capitol Day, March 23, Crucial This Year
3/18/2011Iowa--Call Now to Support Driver Ed
3/17/2011Iowa--Good Bills Take Giant Steps in Des Moines
3/8/2011Iowa: Calls No Longer Needed
3/8/2011Iowa: Calls Needed Now for Parent-Taught Driver Ed
2/22/2011Iowa: Families with Deaf Children Need Your Help Now
2/18/2011Iowa--Call Sen. Rielly for Parent-Taught Driver's Ed
2/7/2011Iowa--Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory School Attendance Expansion
1/28/2011Iowa--Attend Hearing to Protect Traditional Marriage
1/21/2011Iowa--Call to Protect Traditional Marriage