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6/30/2004Iowa--Clinton Community Schools Make Unlawful Request
6/2/2004Iowa--Child Welfare Reform Signed by Governor
5/17/2004Iowa--Governor Vilsack Vetoes Drivers Education Bill
5/13/2004Iowa--Announcing the 12th Annual Home Educator's Conference
4/29/2004Iowa - Calls Needed - Governor Delays Homeschool Driver's Education Bill
4/1/2004Iowa--Homeschool Driver's Education Heads to Governor
3/30/2004Iowa--URGENT-Come to Capitol Tomorrow to help Driver Ed Bill
3/30/2004Iowa--Calls Needed Immediately For Driver's Education Bill
3/29/2004Iowa--Victory in Iowa for Driver's Education in Senate Committee!
3/12/2004Iowa--Victory in House for Parent-Taught Driver's Ed!
3/9/2004Iowa--Calls Needed Urgently: Mascher Tries to Hijack Drivers Education Bill
3/2/2004Iowa--Calls Needed-Parent Directed Driver Ed Heads For Crucial Vote