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8/25/2005Colorado--Correction Regarding Parent-Taught Driver's Education E-lert
7/13/2005Colorado--Action Still Needed To Protect Parent Taught Driver's Education
7/8/2005Colorado--Action Needed Now To Protect Parent Taught Driver's
5/11/2005Colorado--Announcing the Christian Home Educators of Colorado 2005 Conference
5/9/2005Colorado--Final Word on Senate Bill 87
5/6/2005Colorado--Correction--Immunization Tracking Bill
5/6/2005Colorado--Your Calls Worked - Immunization Tracking Bill Signed Into Law
5/5/2005Colorado--Marriage Amendment Prevented from Moving Forward
4/26/2005Colorado--Calls Needed to the Governor Concerning Immunization Bill
4/8/2005Colorado--Calls Still Needed to the Senate Concerning Immunization Bill
4/7/2005Colorado--Correction: Come Support Freedom at the Homeschool Day at the Capitol
4/6/2005Colorado--Calls Needed to Senate Today to Stop Immunization Tracking Bill
4/4/2005Colorado--Update on Immunization Tracking Bill
4/1/2005Colorado--Come Support Freedom at the "Homeschool Day at the Capitol"
3/29/2005Colorado--Calls Needed Immediately to Keep Homeschoolers Out of Immunization Tracking System
3/28/2005Colorado--Calls Needed Immediately Concerning Immunization Tracking System
3/21/2005Colorado--Legislative Update
3/10/2005Colorado--Update on Parent-Taught Driver's Education Bill
3/9/2005Colorado--Calls Needed Today to Save Parent-Taught Driver's Education Bill
2/18/2005Colorado--Calls Needed to Protect Parent-Taught Driver's Education
2/18/2005Colorado--Calls Needed To Support $1000 Tax Credit for Homeschooling
1/24/2005Colorado--Calls Needed to Stop Bill that Opens Door to Mandatory Kindergarten