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January 2018

1/22/2018Call, Email Now to Protect Homeschool Parents with Disabilities
1/19/2018Bill to Create New Vaccination Mandate
1/18/2018Homeschooling Under Fire: Should Regulations Increase?
1/18/2018Come to Concord Thursday to Speak Out for Freedom
1/17/2018Please Come to Albany on Monday! We Need You at Board of Regents Meeting!
1/17/2018Freedom Update—Possible Threat Looming
1/16/2018Governor Christie Ends One Threat to Homeschool Freedom!
1/12/2018Correction, Update on Bill Threatening Homeschool Freedom
1/12/2018Come to the Capitol—Legislation is Moving Already!
1/12/2018Coming Up: Meet Your Legislator Day!
1/11/2018Attend Hearing to Defend Homeschool Freedom!
1/10/2018Call Now to Stop Education Department from Controlling Homeschooling
1/8/2018Hearing Wednesday on Constitutional Amendment to Protect Family!
1/5/2018Adoption Subsidies Don’t Change Your Education Rights
1/5/2018New PED Policy Opens Door to More Restrictions
1/3/2018Please Act Now to Help Modernize New York’s Homeschool Regulations!