June 29, 2007

HSLDA Attorney Receives Captain John Smith Quadricentennial Award

Vision Forum has announced that Chris Klicka, Senior Counsel for the Home School Legal Defense Association, is the recipient of the Captain John Smith Quadricentennial Award.

HSLDA Senior Counsel Chris Klicka is surrounded by his wife and family as he recieves the Captain John Smith Quadricentennial Award.

“The homeschool movement has been blessed with many great advocates for freedom, including attorneys like HSLDA’s visionary Mike Farris and organizational leaders such as Mike Smith,” said Vision Forum President Doug Phillips. “But in terms of long-term, roll-up-your-sleeves warfare, Chris Klicka has distinguished himself as the most beloved and singular man in the trenches. For two decades, he has fought state by state across America, as well as country by country around the world, for the right of families to educate their children at home.”

Bestowed to attorney Chris Klicka during a special ceremony, the award plaque reads in part:

The Captain John Smith Quadricentennial Award is presented with appreciation to Christopher John Klicka for indefatigable and persevering leadership on a defining issue of our generation. Your stalwart faith through hardship has given hope to millions. Your selfless sacrifice on behalf of homeschoolers has brought freedom to families around the globe. And your courageous spirit amidst adversity has forged a legacy which will never be forgotten.

Klicka remarked, “I am thankful and blessed by the Lord to have been able to serve the homeschooling community these last twenty-two years. The honor that I felt in receiving this award was to me like being given a big hug from God.”

In 1985, Klicka joined the Home School Legal Defense Association and during his early tenure there led pioneering research on the legality of homeschooling in all 50 states. Klicka has since argued numerous precedent-setting cases and handled scores of administrative appeals on behalf of homeschoolers. He has successfully represented thousands of families with their legal conflicts. In 1994, Mr. Klicka was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and though confined to a wheelchair, he has continued to defend the rights of homeschoolers even as he has inspired families through his testimony of perseverance through this physical handicap.

“Chris Klicka is a true hero of the homeschool movement,” observed Phillips. “When the history books are written, Chris will be remembered as one of the greatest generals used by the Lord to establish a bulkhead of freedoms for moms and dads across America. His sacrifice and tenacious loyalty to the cause of home school liberty has benefited hundreds of thousands, if not millions.”

“I continue to be amazed by God’s faithfulness throughout the years as He has delivered thousands of families out of legal trouble,” Klicka remarked. “When I began work at HSLDA, homeschooling was legal in only about five states, and now—by God’s grace—it is legal in all fifty states.”

This article was excerpted from a press release.