January 26, 2005

Changes Made to the NCAA Application Process

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has changed its application process for homeschool students. As the letter received by HSLDA explains, homeschool students will now be able to obtain a preliminary analysis of their high school subjects before they graduate from high school. Therefore, the NCAA will be in a position to highlight any deficiencies in the homeschool program.

This change in NCAA policy helps homeschoolers seeking sports opportunities. Rather than wait until the last minute to be told that there is a problem with the paperwork, a homeschooler will now gain more time to accurately prepare.

HSLDA has been working closely with the NCAA to help homeschoolers gain access to college sports programs. We are ready to aid homeschool families who may experience problems. The NCAA also welcomes inquires from homeschool families in order to clarify the process. We are confident that the new policy will prove to be a significant step towards smoothing the application process.

In addition, some of the academic requirements for the NCAA have been increased. Click here to view the additional academic requirements by reading the NCAA "Quick Fact Sheet"

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