August 25, 2004

Letter from a Grateful Family

HSLDA receives many letters from homeschool families. But this one stood out.


I do not know if your efforts on behalf of homeschoolers in the military benefited my daughter, but I want to thank you just in case.

My daughter Afton MacDonald entered the Navy yesterday as a midshipman in the Navy ROTC program at San Diego University. Afton will be attending Point Loma Nazarene University on a full scholarship from the Navy to study Nursing. The Navy is paying her tuition (about $19,000 a year at PLNU), her fees, her books and she receives a $250/month stipend as a freshman. She has a full year to decide if this is what she wants to do. Once she begins her sophomore year she is obligated to the Navy.

We learned yesterday that Afton is 1 of 650 students nationwide that received this scholarship from over 3,000 applicants. We, of course, are very proud of her.

Thank you for paving the way, I don't know that her application would have even been considered if it hadn't been for HSLDA fighting for us for years prior to our need. I believe your e-mails have been concerning homeschoolers at the enlisted level of the military, please encourage your members to consider the college scholarship opportunities that are available also.

Thank you so much,

Ginna MacDonald
Temecula, CA

HSLDA responds – Ginna, it would have been much harder for Afton to have received this scholarship under the previous rules. We are thankful to the late Senator Paul Coverdell and U.S. Representative John Hostettler for championing legislation, requested by HSLDA, that recognized the legitimacy of homeschool diplomas and thus greatly improved the ability of homeschool students to enter the military. All the best to Afton as she seeks God's will for her life.