March 29, 2004

German Homeschoolers Thank HSLDA Members

On December 2, 2003, HSLDA sent an e-lert informing members that German homeschoolers were under attack. We asked you to consider donating to the German legal association Schulunterricht zu Hause e.V. (School Instruction at Home) to help German homeschoolers. American homeschoolers answered the call and contributed thousands of dollars!

Schulunterricht zu Hause has issued a letter thanking homeschoolers for their generosity and detailing the organization's accomplishments in the last few months.

Director Richard Guenther said: "I would like to take this time to thank you and all who have supported Schulunterricht zu Hause e.V. (Schuzh) in prayer and donated money to see our cause go forward. Without your prayers, kind and encouraging words and generous gifts, Schuzh could not have accomplished so much in such a short period of time."

Among the victories in Germany:

- Schuzh now has an office fully staffed and equipped with three complete work stations, a director, assistant director and webmaster. They also have a legal department with 2 attorneys.

- Schuzh's membership has tripled as families in Germany learn of the help available.

- Schuzh now has a 24 hour hot line, 7 days a week, including holidays.

- The media has been very good to German homeschoolers. Schuzh has developed several contacts including an AP journalist during the court appearance with the Bauer family. He wrote a great and informative article that was printed in several major newspapers.

- Schuzh has been supportive of three books being written on the topic of homeschooling. These books will be published in the spring of 2004 and introduced by the authors at our March conference in Hessen.

- One of Schuzh's member families, the Bruhn's, was levied another fine for further refusing to comply with the mandatory school attendance laws. The Bruhn's and their attorney were successful in arguing their case and the presiding judge summarily dismissed the charge.

- Schuzh established a cooperation with the two German correspondence schools. These correspondence schools offer members special prices for their programs and materials.

- March 6, Schuzh sponsored a Schuzh homeschool conference in Hessen, attended by over 200 adults. People are gaining courage to start homeschooling. They are planning conferences in each German state.

Without the assistance of American homeschoolers, these advancements would not have been possible. But the fight is not over. German homeschoolers continue to require resources to coordinate their efforts, conduct homeschooling conferences, and to litigate for the right to homeschool.

We are asking Home School Legal Defense Association members to pray for German homeschoolers who are suffering for their decision to homeschool. Additionally, we are asking families to consider donating financial support for the cause of freedom in Germany. You can send donations to the Home School Foundation, earmarked for German homeschoolers. Please go to https://secure.hslda.org/HSF/support.asp?GFD=German Homeschooling We will send the donations to Schulunterricht zu Hause to help with advising homeschoolers, negotiating with school districts, funding cases and appeals, paying fines, and defending the rights of homeschoolers in whatever way necessary.