August 15, 2003

HSLDA Hosts Congressional Staff Briefing

On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, HSLDA hosted its first formal legislative briefing for congressional staff. Staff responsible for education policy in approximately twenty five congressional districts, as well as professional staff from the House Education and Workforce Committee, attended the luncheon held at the Longworth House Office Building.

HSLDA President Mike Smith briefed the staff on the history of modern home education, Senior Counsel Dewitt Black spoke on current issues encountered in the states, and National Center for Home Education Director Tom Washburne and Manager of Federal Policy and Research, Caleb Kershner, rounded out the program with an overview of ongoing federal issues related to home education freedom. Several staff had questions, and the event concluded with a nice discussion.

"We expect good fruit from this meeting", said Mike Smith, "Ongoing relationships with congressional staff are key to influencing Congress to ensure the freedom of home education. These small scale luncheons are the perfect forum for furthering our relationships on the Hill." HSLDA, through the National Center for Home Education's Congressional Action Program (CAP), intends to hold these sessions periodically.

For more information on CAP, contact Sarah Mehrens, Manager of CAP, at HSLDA.