March 3, 2003

Parent-taught Driver's Ed Bills Move Forward

Soon homeschool parents will be able to teach their children how to drive, for both classroom and behind the wheel instruction.

February 20 was a tumultuous but victorious day for parent taught driver education in Virginia. During a whirlwind meeting of the Senate Transportation Committee, numerous amendments were proposed, but all the harmful ones were defeated. House Bill 2404 subsequently passed the full Senate and House.

Phone calls pouring in from homeschool families were a major factor in the overwhelming margin of victory: 33 in favor and 6 against in the Senate and 63 in favor and 33 against in the House.

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A significant victory occurred Friday in Montana on Senate Bill 295. After the hard work of many, and numerous telephone calls from home educators, Senate Bill 295 passed the Senate 31-19. This reversed an earlier Senate vote of 24-25 against the bill. Parent-taught driver's education in Montana is one step closer to reality.

SB 295 has now been sent on to the House where there will be a committee hearing in the next couple of weeks.

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HSLDA supports this type of legislation for several reasons.

  • Parents have the flexibility to choose a driver's education curriculum that best meets the needs of their family.

  • Many families now are only receiving limited access to public school driver's education programs.

  • Public school driver's education programs vary in cost from just a few dollars to around $400, becoming cost prohibitive to many families.

  • Safety is a serious concern for many parents. In most public school driver's education programs, the student is required to ride along with another young, unlicensed, and inexperienced driver at the wheel.

  • The public school driver's education programs should not have a complete monopoly on the permits. Parents should not be restricted from training their own children.