February 14, 2003

Adults Who Were Homeschooled Needed for New Research

A major study of adults who were homeschooled is underway and we need your help! Whether a student was homeschooled 1 or 13 years, his or her input is vital.

If you were homeschooled at some point in your education, and you are at least 16 years old, we need you to complete the survey described below.

If you cannot take this survey, but you know of any persons who could, we need you to send this e mail to them. We need any and all home educated adults.

If you know of an email "list" which might reach any adults who were home educated, please send this announcement to them as well.

Because of past research, it is well understood that homeschooled students are doing well academically and socially as students. However, one area that has yet to be considered is how students who were homeschooled are faring after graduation, be it in college, the workforce, or in any other endeavor. Since the number of such graduates have risen to truly significant levels, the time is right for a study directed to this issue.

The National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) and the National Center for Home Education are now seeking subjects to participate in this study. Participation is easy. The completion of one simple survey is all that is necessary.

The Survey

Survey is now closed.