January 23, 2003

DC Schools Tries Again With Government Preschool

On January 7 2003, Councilmember Kevin Chavous filed a new bill, Bill 15-40, which would allow three-year-olds (and even some two-year-olds) to attend public school in the District of Columbia. His new bill, which replaces his previous bill on the same topic, Bill 14-261, does not require such children to attend school. It permits them to attend if their parents so desire.

Historically, "voluntary" school programs tend to lay the foundation for subsequent compulsory programs. If Bill 15-40 passes, HSLDA will watch to see if there are any subsequent efforts to make its provisions mandatory.

DC schools spend about $11,000 per pupil. Much of this comes from federal tax dollars. Fewer than half the employees in the system actually teach children. Studies show that the longer a child is in the DC system, the more his academic performance suffers. Offering such "education" to two and three year olds borders on the unconscionable. Never has so much been spent on so many to achieve so little.

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