January 22, 2003

Texas Conflicts Continue

Social Service Interview Averted

Mrs. Bryan (name changed) has been legally homeschooling her two daughters. One has been treated for seizures and the other is autistic. The Department of Social Services (DSS) filed a complaint and the social worker sought to interview one of the children, but Home School Legal Defense Association intervened and the case was resolved.

Families Contacted Throughout the State

HSLDA continues to work with families who have received various social worker contacts throughout the state. The most common form of contact comes in various "homeschool registration" forms school districts send families. Often these forms exceed the requirements of Leeper and ask for additional information. HSLDA routinely responds to these forms with a letter defending the right of the family to homeschool. We urge our members to not fill out the forms that the school district provides as they are not required by law. Just recently HSLDA has helped families in Burkburnett, Sugarland, Austin, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Dallas, and other areas.

In Houston we have had two homeschooling co-ops contacted by the Child Care Licensing branch of the Child Protection Services. They are indicating that both of these co-op programs are violating the laws regarding childcare. HSLDA is working with the attorneys with CPS in order to clear both of these private school co-op programs for homeschoolers.

CPS Muscles Family

The Abrams family (name changed), HSLDA members, was homeschooling their child who has an eye disorder. Although the child is under a doctor's care, an anonymous tipster called CPS and alleged that the son had not received medical attention for his eyes. HSLDA talked with the social worker and gave information to the social worker on contacting the family doctor. The social worker even met the child. However, HSLDA explained that the child would not be interviewed. The social worker stated that they needed to find out how he "feels" about his eyes. When HSLDA refused, the social worker said that she "will take the family to court." HSLDA immediately talked to the CPS supervisor who also insisted that they would take the family to court. HSLDA explained that there was no probable cause of any neglect. Within a few weeks the case was closed.