April 29, 2002

Florida Revives Government Nanny Bill

The Government Nanny bill is back, and we are still reeling from the news.

In a backdoor move, the Government Nanny bill was attached to S.B. 1844 at the eleventh hour and passed by both the Florida senate and the house. Many house members, who had earlier rejected the Government Nanny bill when it stood alone, voted for S.B. 1844, unaware that the Government Nanny bill was added on at the last minute.

S.B. 1844 is an economic development bill that has nothing to do with early education. Yet Senate Majority leader John McKay slipped his Government Nanny bill (formerly S.B. 88) into S.B. 1844.

It is now on the Governor's desk. Last year, home schoolers almost single-handedly convinced Governor Jeb Bush to veto the Government Nanny bill. Home School Legal Defense Association is urging Florida home schoolers to do it again.

S.B. 1844 creates a new big government program called "Learning Gateway," which will "provide systematic hospital visits or home visits by trained staff to new mothers." If this bill becomes law, it will lay the foundation for transforming Florida into a "government nanny state" by greatly increasing the power of the government over children and reducing parents' rights.

HSLDA urges all Florida home schoolers to immediately contact Governor Bush and petition him to veto the bill.

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