April 8, 2002

HSLDA Prayer Request

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

Pastor Paul Lindstrom, president and founder of Christian Liberty Academy Satellite Schools (CLASS), has liver cancer and doctors give him 6 months to live. Pastor Paul is 62 years old.

Pastor Paul started providing curriculum and legal support to home schoolers in the early 1970's. In many ways, he helped the Christian home school movement get off the ground. His Christian correspondence program for home schoolers has approximately 35,000 students. Tens of thousands of students have been educated in a solid Christian biblical worldview through this method. In addition, he superintends a large Christian school, pastors a church, directs Christian Liberty Press, and has founded missionary schools around the world.

I graduated from one of the Christian schools Pastor Paul started in Wisconsin. That is where I came to know Christ and I will be forever grateful for his influence.

Please pray fervently for this passionate man of God as he goes through the physical and emotional pain of facing death. Pray that God will put His healing hand on him and give him great peace. He has just returned from Mayo Clinic where they discovered his cancer is growing too fast to use chemotherapy, and it is too close to his heart and other vital organs to use radiation.

If you want to send him a word of encouragement or thanks or just let him know you are praying for him, you can e-mail him at pastorpaul@homeschools.org or write to him at CLASS, 502 Euclid Ave., Arlington Heights, IL 60004.


Chris Klicka