April 2, 2002

HSLDA Fights for the Rights of Home Schoolers in College

A federal law passed in 1998 recognized home school diplomas for college aid purposes. But many institutions of higher learning do not seem to be aware of this law, which results in some frustrating situations for college-bound home schoolers.

In the last few weeks, Home School Legal Defense Association helped two graduates from member families convince their respective colleges to accept their home school diplomas for financial aid eligibility.

One student had been accepted at Strayer College in Northern Virginia, but Strayer's financial aid department refused to accept her home school diploma and instead required a GED or some other "proof" of completing high school. After HSLDA faxed Strayer the federal law regarding home school diplomas, the financial aid department reversed its decision. Because she can now afford to enroll, the student will begin attending classes in August of 2002.

A similar situation occurred with Grace College and Seminary in Indiana. Grace refused to offer financial aid to a home school graduate interested in attending until HSLDA showed college officials that federal law recognizes home school diplomas for the purpose of receiving college aid.

HSLDA is working on a permanent solution to this problem with the United States Department of Education. We will keep you updated on our progress.

For more information regarding college admissions and financial aid requirements, click here: http://www.hslda.org/docs/nche/Issues/C/College.asp