April 1, 2002

Campaign Finance Bill Signed by President Bush

On Wednesday, March 27 President Bush signed the campaign finance bill, H.R. 2356, into law. HSLDA and many other pro-family organizations opposed this regulation because it abridges freedom of speech and prohibits coordination of activities between such groups and federal legislators.

"This vague definition of 'coordination' leaves organizations like HSLDA and state home schooling groups wondering what we can and cannot do," said Caleb Kershner, HSLDA manager of federal policy and research. "This nebulous regulation may keep many of us from lobbying our legislators on important family issues."

President Bush stated that he believed that this legislation, although far from perfect, will improve the current financing system for federal campaigns. However, mere hours after Bush signed the bill, several opponents, including Senator Mitch McConnell (KY) filed suit, alleging that this legislation violates the First Amendment.

"The federal courts will decide whether or not to invalidate these new limits on political speech," said Tom Washburne, director of the National Center for Home Education. "If they value our Constitution, the courts will rule against this law and restore our ability to communicate with our legislators without fear of some obscure violation."

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