March 5, 2002

Some Legislatures Continue to Strike at Educational and Family Freedom

Home School Legal Defense Association is working to defend home schoolers in many states against pending legislation that jeopardizes home school or parental freedoms.

  • Raised House Bill 5535 in Connecticut threatens to change the state from a very friendly home school state to one of the most restrictive. The bill would require an annual notice of intent giving information on the instructor's credentials, a report as to what curriculum will be used, and an annual assessment submitted to the superintendent. In addition, the number of home schooled students in each district would be forwarded to the Connecticut Department of Education. (Raised House Bill 5535)

  • Florida's Senate Bill 88 rehashes a bill that home schoolers recently defeated in the Florida House of Representatives, House Bill 1435. This "Government Nanny" bill would it create a new big government program called "Learning Gateway" and will involve "developing strategies for offering hospital visits or home visits by trained staff to new mothers." (Senate Bill 88)

  • House Bill 725 is new Kentucky legislation which would force every home schooler on welfare to take annual standardized tests. HSLDA believes that the government should not single out home school families on welfare for discriminatory treatment, and H.B. 725 does just that. (House Bill 725)

    HSLDA strongly opposes these bills. We urge all of our members to stay informed about legislation in their home state so we can together continue to stand up for family freedoms.

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