February 26, 2002

Tribute to a Home School Pioneer

We have just received word that Dorothy Moore, home school pioneer and wife of Dr. Raymond Moore, passed away on February 21 at the age of 89. For the last 27 years since the publication of their book Better Late Than Early by Readers Digest Press, the Moores have zealously encouraged families around the world to home school. Through their books, seminars, newsletters, and research, they have inspired thousands to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

On a personal note, Mike Farris and I were encouraged by the Moores to begin home schooling and use our training as lawyers to defend the right of families to be able to home school legally.

The home school community has lost one of the most influential people in this movement. Dorothy Moore' s legacy will live on through the untold number of families who have been blessed by her influence. Many of these children will probably choose to home school their own children in the future.

We at HSLDA are indebted to the work of this great lady. Our sympathy goes out to the Moore family, especially Dr. Moore in the loss of his dear friend and faithful companion for many years.

- Mike Smith
President, HSLDA