February 4, 2002

Hawaii Elementary School Ignores the Law

When the Aliamanu Elementary School in Honolulu, Hawaii, requested far more than the law requires, Home School Legal Defense Association defended our member family's right to home school free from government harassment.

Lt. and Mrs. M. are a Home School Legal Defense Association military member family currently stationed in Hawaii. Although they followed the exact letter of the law by submitting a notice of intent for the 2001-02 school year to the principal of Honolulu's Aliamanu Elementary School, one school official was not satisfied. Instead, she advised Mrs. M. that she was required to bring her children in to the public school and register them, and she also told her to bring records of the children's physical examinations, TB screening, immunizations, and any school transcripts she had.

Knowing that according to state law parents are not required to do any of these things, the family contacted Home School Legal Defense Association. We immediately wrote to the offending school official, explaining that Lt. and Mrs. M. had already fully complied with the compulsory attendance law of Hawaii and are not required to submit any of the information she had demanded.

Since HSLDA's intervention, the family has heard nothing further from the Aliamanu Elementary school.