February 4, 2002

New Hampshire Home Schoolers Help Defeat Dangerous Bill in Committee

On January 24, New Hampshire House Bill 1408 was defeated at the committee level in the House of Representatives. It will now go the House floor with the committee's recommendation that it not be enacted.

The measure, if enacted, would give town and city leaders significantly increased power to set their own truancy laws, a move that could lead to a patchwork of different requirements across the state. Home School Legal Defense Association and Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire (CHENH) oppose the measure, since it means that towns and cities that have demonstrated hostility toward home schooling would have a new tool with which to harass families.

Notified of the bill's threat by state Representative Dan Itse, HSLDA and CHENH alerted home schoolers across the state and asked them to work to defeat it. Many home schoolers contacted their representatives, and at the hearing before the Children and Family Law Committee, home schoolers packed the room to show their opposition. We believe that this contributed greatly to the bill's defeat in committee.

For information on other measures that may impact home school freedom, check our State Action Map.