January 14, 2002

Nevada District: Oh, You Mean THIS Letter!

When a Nevada school district refused to provide a letter confirming a home schooling member family's compliance with the law, the mere mention of Home School Legal Defense Association was sufficient to break the logjam. It's amazing what just the threat of a letter from a lawyer can do.

Mr. and Mrs. S. have a child who is an aspiring actor. While working with a talent agency, they realized that they needed a work permit so their son could legally perform.

In order to get this permit, Mr. and Mrs. S. were required to submit two letters, one from their doctor and one from the child's school verifying that he was enrolled in school. Since they were home schooling in compliance with Nevada law, which requires annual notification to the local school board, they confidently approached the school district and asked for a letter indicating their compliance.

To their surprise, the school district refused to issue the requested letter, saying that because the boy was home schooled, it was not obligated to give information to anyone about them.

The family contacted HSLDA, and we informed them that we would contact the district on their behalf. When the family told the district office that their attorney would be calling, the local school officials immediately backed down and sent the family a letter verifying that their son was in compliance with the compulsory attendance law.