January 11, 2002

Young Entrepreneur Conducts a Giving Business

Recently, an enterprising young student who raises funds to help others sent Home School Legal Defense Association President Mike Smith the following letter with a gift enclosed for the Home School Foundation:

    Dear Mr. J. Michael Smith,

    Hi. I'm a 10-year-old homeschooler. I have a business I call Justin's Seasonal Treasures, and I make jewelry and things to sell so I can have some money to donate to my favorite places.

    We are members of HSLDA, and I've always liked what you do. It makes me glad to know that somebody cares about making sure that parents can teach their own children. So, I'm sending you $77.57 to help the Home School Foundation widow's fund, families who can't pay for their membership, and your court cases. It really makes me feel good to be able to help people who I think are doing God's will. I know that you are doing good things for God.

    I always try to listen to what God is saying to me. After what happened in September, I felt like He wanted me to do something to help. So I made lots and lots of flag pins and donated all of my supplies and labor, $1,131.00, to The Salvation Army. I picked them because they were helping the spiritual needs and the physical needs of the victims. I really felt God's help because I listened to Him. It all happened in about a week! Then I heard about the Afghan children and wanted to help them, too. I was able to sell enough more pins to make $323.00 for them . . . . When I make things for Justin's Seasonal Treasures, I feel like I can spread a little bit of the light I have in my heart from God to other people.

    Thank you for all you care about.


    Justin W.