December 10, 2001

Truant Officer Hassles Illinois Family

Home School Legal Defense Association recently defended a member family from a DeKalb County truant officer who was "concerned" about their home schooling program.

Mr. and Mrs. B teach their children at home under the very favorable Illinois private school law. This law does not require any contact with the school district, so they were surprised when the local truant officer began pursuing them trying to set up a meeting to discuss their home schooling.

The officer first called the family, then wrote a letter citing concerns about their home education program and trying to schedule an appointment to meet with both the parents and the children to "verify that you are successfully educating your children." In addition, he showed up at the family's home while they were out and left a notice which stated that the children were absent from school and demanding that the family contact him.

HSLDA quickly wrote to DeKalb County, explaining that Illinois law does not require any such meeting and demanding that the officer cease his harassment of the family. Since that time, they have not received any further communications from the county.