May 8, 2001

Top junior duck stamp winners home schooled

Home school students took first and third place this year in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Federal Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest. The winners were announced on Wednesday, November 7, 2001, at a ceremony in Washington, DC.

Aremy McCann of St. Joseph, Minnesota, was awarded first place for her painting, Trumpeter Swan. Aremy's painting will become the 2001-02 Federal Junior Duck Stamp, and, as first place winner, she also receives a $2,500 scholarship.

Aremy, 18, graduated from her family's home school program last year. Mrs. McCann says, "I can't imagine her in a traditional school setting. If she had been gone all day and then come home to be faced with all that homework, she could not have developed her other interests to the degree she has."

Innately artistic, Aremy has not received formal instruction. This year, while exploring options for the future and taking time to enjoy her varied interests, she decided to learn to paintówith outstanding results!

Third place was awarded to another home schooleró15-year-old Stephanie Bishop of Forest Grove, Oregon, for Ruffled Feathers.

One of the benefits of home schooling is the opportunity it provides students to develop their special gifts. During the past several years, home school students have taken top prizes in the National Spelling Bee and in the National Geographic Bee.

"Once again it is exciting to see home schoolers excel in another national contest," said Doug Domenech, Deputy Director, Office of External and Intergovernmental Affairs in the Office of the Secretary. Domenech is a home school father and the former Executive Director of HSLDA's National Center for Home Education.

Aremy McCann, first place winner of this year's Federal Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest, is congratulated by Secretary of the Interior, Gale Norton.

Cheered on by her family, Aremy enjoys the moment. Pictured L-R: Mike, Tammy, and Aremy McCann, Gale Norton, Secretary, Ellie and Evany McCann, and Judie Miller, Minnesota state coordinator for U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

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