November 16, 2001

How Far Away from Ohio is Far Enough?

Although a Home School Legal Defense Association member family moved from Ohio to Georgia last spring, the Ohio school district thought that the family still owed them some paperwork.

During the years Mr. and Mrs. R. had lived in Ohio, they were in full compliance with state home school law that requires parents to file an annual notice of intent, including an assessment from the previous year. They filed this notice with the local superintendent for the 2000-01 school year.

In the spring of 2001, the family moved to Georgia and complied with the new state education law. However, this fall they received a letter from the Ohio school district that had been forwarded from their prior address, requesting a notice of intent for the 2001-02 school year and an assessment for 2000-01.

Thinking that this would be easily taken care of by telephone, Mr. and Mrs. R. both called the district to explain that they had moved out of state. They were told that their relocation certainly made an Ohio notice of intent unnecessary, but the district still required them to submit an assessment for the previous school year.

When the family contacted HSLDA, we faxed a letter to the school district informing them that Ohio law did not require the R. family to submit an assessment since they were not sending in a notice of intent-and that even if it were required, they were no longer subject to Ohio regulations since they had moved. The family has not heard anything more from the district.