October 24, 2001

Colorado – Revisiting Sargent School District's "Payoff" Gambit

In a recent website article, Home School Legal Defense Association discussed a new tactic that Sargent School District in Colorado is using—paying home schooling families to "enroll" in the public school for a short period of time. Under this plan, each enrolled home school student was to receive a cash payment. The increase in students, however, would boost the district's head count, giving it additional public funding.

Mr. Clair Orr, a member of the Colorado Board of Education, contacted HSLDA last week regarding this issue, requesting a copy of the letter that the superintendent had sent to home schoolers in the district, along with our web article stating HSLDA's position on Sargent's new program.

In a telephone conversation with Mr. Orr, HSLDA's legal staff explained that we opposed the program for several reasons, including the probability it would increase government regulation and the fact that it is a waste of taxpayer money. Mr. Orr questioned the legality of the Sargent School District's plan and expressed concern that there would be no educational accountability for the money given to home schoolers.

Once again, HSLDA urges home schoolers not to participate in questionable pay-offs like this one.

Click here to view HSLDA's letter to Mr. Orr.

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