October 23, 2001

Bipartisan Congressional Group Urges "Day of Reconciliation"

Majority Whip Congressman Tom DeLay recently contacted Home School Legal Defense Association, expressing concern that his proposed resolution, "Providing for a National Day of Reconciliation" has encountered significant opposition. DeLay and a bipartisan group of 72 cosponsors introduced House Congressional Resolution 184 in July.

"I believe we face a crossroads," DeLay said in a letter. "One path carries us to a deepening disregard for our core principles and a growing rejection of any type of limits. It includes a strain of thought that actually rejects the notion of truth itself. This path will mean increased violence and social disarray. It will break homes, shatter lives, and greatly strain the human fabric of our society. The other path is action. I believe we should act by formally seeking God's blessing for the wisdom and guidance to lead our nation in the proper direction."

Although H. Con. Res. 184 marks a day of reconciliation, it does not force any member of Congress to participate. It simply provides opportunity and a gathering place for elected officials who wish to ask for God's blessing and guidance for the United States. It follows a long history of precedents in which Congress and presidents have designated days of prayer to help the nation through various trials, challenges, and hardships.

"Home School Legal Defense Association believes this is an important resolution," said Tom Washburne, director of HSLDA's National Center for Home Education. "We wanted to notify our members of this opportunity to contact their representatives and senators and ask them to support the resolution."