October 9, 2001

Florida School District Corrects Form

Home School Legal Defense Association was recently contacted by several of our members in Florida regarding Marion County Public Schools' evaluation form. On this form, the school district indicated that the county must notify the parent "when a student's evaluation is below average." However, evaluations in Florida are not based on "average" or "below average." Instead, Florida law states that home school students must demonstrate educational progress at a level commensurate with their ability.

HSLDA wrote to Marion, informing the district that this form was incorrect and that it was intimidating some families, particularly those with special needs children.

Last week, Marion County Public Schools sent us a response, thanking us for our input and enclosing the district's new corrected form for home school evaluations, with the "below average" term nowhere in evidence.

We are thankful that God saw fit to give victory on this issue. Any Florida HSLDA member families who receive forms without this correction should contact our office immediately.