September 5, 2001

Military Enlistment of Home Schoolers Rising

Home School Legal Defense Association's amendment to the Defense Reauthorization Act over two years ago changed the ranking of home school graduates from a Tier 3 status, a ranking that included high school dropouts, to Tier 1, the same ranking high school graduates receive. This favorable change in status dramatically increased enlistment opportunities for home schoolers—particularly in the Air Force and Marines Corps, two branches that accept only Tier 1 applicants.

Christopher Klicka, HSLDA's Senior Counsel, recently contacted the Center for Naval Analysis and asked for a report on this pilot project. During the 2000 enlistment period, 400 home school graduates joined the Army, 650 joined the Navy, 300 the Air Force, and 200 the Marine Corps.

The military is still conducting an analysis of home school enlistment retention and the pilot study results will be released in 2003.

Just a few years ago, less than 100 home schoolers were admitted in all four of the Armed Services together! HSLDA has heard from many home school graduates who are thankful they have finally been given the opportunity to serve their country in the military.

If you have any questions regarding local recruitment misunderstandings of the home school graduate enlistment law, do not hesitate to call HSLDA.