August 20, 2001

Hawaii School Issues Unreasonable Demands

A Home School Legal Defense Association member family in Hauula, Hawaii, was faced with some unexpected demands when they submitted their home school notice of intent this year.

When Mr. and Mrs. T delivered their notice of intent to the local public school as required by law, the school handed them four different forms to complete and told Mrs. T to bring a list of all her curriculum into the school for the principal to approve.

In a fax to HSLDA, Mr. and Mrs. T explained their situation. We immediately wrote the school, explaining that Hawaii law does not require parents to fill out any public school forms in order to home school, nor does the principal have the right to even ask to see a list of curriculum, much less approve it before it can be used.

HSLDA encourages our member families to contact us if their school begins asking for more information than it is entitled to by law.