May 8, 2001

South Carolina: Dangerous Legislative Threat to Home Schooling Families

Home School Legal Defense Association is calling on South Carolina home schoolers to stop House Bill 3364, a measure that would deny home school graduates equal opportunity in higher education, employment, and other critical areas.

Under H.B.3364, the state would not recognize a high school diploma unless it was awarded by a school or program that meets certain requirements. The diploma or its equivalent must be received from either (1) a correspondence program approved by the state board or department of education in the state where the school is located, (2) a school accredited by certain accrediting associations named in the bill, or (3) a school approved by a local school board in South Carolina. These requirements would apply "if any state licensing, appointment, election, admission, employment, or other procedure or process requires the applicant, candidate, official or individual to possess a high school diploma or its equivalent...."

Passage of this bill would directly affect home school graduates. Unless their high school diploma met one of the three requirements described above, they could not be admitted to a state college (or other state school requiring a high school diploma), could not be hired to work for a state agency, and could not receive any state license requiring a high school diploma. Given this measure's broad language, which mandates that these requirement be applied to any "other procedure or process," the potential for state discrimination against home school graduates is virtually unlimited.

Please check HSLDA's website for the current status of this legislation or contact us if you have any questions. To view a copy of the text of House Bill 3364, go to the South Carolina General Assembly's website at http://www.leginfo.state.sc.us/sessions/114/text/1143364t.html.

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