July 31, 2001

Ohio: Problems in Lebanon School District

Lebanon City Schools recently sent out a letter containing numerous errors to all home schooling families in the district.

First, the district tried to set a deadline for submitting the notice of intent to home school, even though state law sets no deadline.

Next, the letter included a form to be used for the notice, and it implied that home schoolers had to use that particular form. Fortunately, state law is very clear that home schoolers do not have to use school district forms.

Lebanon also tried to force the families to submit a copy of the table of contents for every single textbook that they would be using. This time consuming task is not required by any part of state law.

Member families were also concerned by the district's use of the word "approves," since school districts in Ohio are not authorized to "approve" any home school program.

HSLDA wrote to Lebanon City Schools on behalf of our local member families, pointing out the numerous errors in the letter and offering our assistance in redrafting the policy. The district has not yet notified us of their acceptance of this offer.