July 24, 2001

"Unsatisfactory" Intent Accepted After HSLDA Steps In

In Prince William County, Home School Legal Defense Association recently assisted a member family who had been told that their notice of intent was "unsatisfactory."

Mrs. P filed a notice of intent to home school her child in compliance with Virginia law. A school district employee called her and told her the notice was unsatisfactory as it did not contain a literature or reading program.

HSLDA immediately called the district and informed the school official that although home schooling families are required to submit a description of the curriculum, the county is not allowed by law to reject the notice on the ground that the curriculum does not cover a particular subject. The district backed down, stating that it will no longer follow this illegal policy.

In Virginia, home schooling families have a great deal of flexibility in choosing their curriculum, because school districts are responsible only to receive the description of the curriculum, not review it. HSLDA views any infringement of this flexibility as intruding on parents' rights to home school their children as they see fit.