July 16, 2001

Missouri: HSLDA Defends Family from False Allegations

The W family in Missouri, Home School Legal Defense Association members, was recently visited by a social worker investigating allegations that their children were not in school.

When the social worker arrived at their door, Mr. W immediately called HSLDA. We talked to the social worker to discover the specific allegations and then explained Mr. and Mrs. W's constitutional rights.

In response to the allegation of truancy, we told the social worker that the W family was home schooling in compliance with Missouri law. While she quickly dropped that claim, as required by state law, she still insisted upon investigating other allegations, including that of physical neglect and unsafe living conditions.

We advised Mr. and Mrs. W to have their children examined by their family pediatrician. The doctor gave them all a clean bill of health and wrote the social worker a letter to this effect.

In addition, we were able to find a friend of the W family who was a police officer. He examined the house and reported to the social worker that there were no unsafe conditions.

After we supplied the social worker with all this information, the W family had no further contact from her.

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