May 16, 2001

AlaskaŚNo Haven From Social Workers

On May 13, 2001, Mr. and Mrs. H received a letter from The Children's Place, a non-profit agency, attempting to set up a meeting in the H home the following day. According to the letter, the Alaska Division of Family and Youth Services (DFYS) had forwarded a "report of concern" to The Children's Place with a request for a family assessment. The letter described the assessment as a discussion of the H children's safety, the family's resources, and their possible need of services.

HSLDA immediately faxed a letter to The Children's Place, informing them that we represent Mr. and Mrs. H and offering a meeting with Mr. and Mrs. H at a neutral location to discuss only the issues contained in the DFYS report. In HSLDA's experience, meetings in the home frequently become "fishing expeditions," especially in situations like this, where the agency involved is exploring such a broad range of issues.

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