May 7, 2001

West Virginia: Governor Signs Two-year Waiver!

Charleston, West Virginia - On May 2, 2001, Governor Bob Wise signed House Bill 2595, crowning with success the strenuous efforts of hundreds of West Virginia home schoolers.

Under current law, parents in West Virginia must have four more years of education than their children in order to home school. Last year home schoolers, led by Christian Home Educators of West Virginia (CHEWV), were successful in obtaining a one-year waiver of this unfair provision. House Bill 2595 extends the waiver for two additional years.

"This is a major step toward permanent removal of this unfair rule," said Home School Legal Defense Association attorney Scott Woodruff, who represents West Virginia member families. "Home schoolers in the Mountain State fought hard for freedom. Their many phone calls and visits to the capitol were a tremendous help in convincing lawmakers that change was necessary, and in stopping amendments to H.B. 2595 that would have reduced parental rights."

Woodruff especially praised CHEWV Legislative Coordinator John Carey, who willingly dedicated innumerable uncompensated hours for trips to the capitol, meetings with legislators, and testimony before committees. "He deserves our warmest thanks," Woodruff stated.

West Virginia joins this year's list of states where home schoolers this year fought and won major legislative battles. To read about these battles in other states, click on the links below.

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