May 7, 2001

Editorial Blasts Social Workers in North Carolina

A newspaper's guest columnist takes aim at the Stalin-like tactics social workers employed against a family Home School Legal Defense Association is defending in court.

Click here to read the editorial. (Link to The Gaston Gazette is no longer available)

This case arises from a 1999 incident. Early one morning, in the middle of getting dressed, the two-year-old daughter of our member family dashed outside without her clothes. An older brother saw her slip out and brought her back inside about three minutes later.

However, within two hours, a social worker was at the family’s front door, demanding entry into the home and individual interviews with each child without the presence of their mother. The family refused. Department of Social Services filed a petition alleging "interference with a child abuse investigation."

On March 13, 2001, HSLDA General Counsel Michael Farris argued before the North Carolina Court of Appeals that the order to investigate was unlawful in that it ordered parents to submit to a search and interview without the requisite showing of probable cause. We are awaiting a decision.

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