April 26, 2001

New York May Lighten Load on Home Schoolers

NEW YORKŚNew York currently has the most restrictive home schooling law in the country. However, the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Senator John R. Kuhl, has just introduced a bill that would give home schoolers significantly more freedom than they currently enjoy.

Senate Bill 4767 would make many beneficial changes in the current law, including eliminating the "double notice" requirement, eliminating the requirement for quarterly reports, and permitting much more flexibility in the annual evaluation. In addition, it would abolish the right of the superintendent to make home visits to home school programs that are on probation.

If this bill is enacted, it will not only relieve parents and public school officials of time-consuming administrative tasks, but it will also significantly increase the freedom of home educators in New York to direct the education of their children. This legislation could change New York from the state with the most restrictive home school law in the nation to a state with one of the most favorable laws for home educators.

For more details on this legislation, read our recent e-mail.

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