April 17, 2001

West Virginia Makes a Move Toward Permanent Freedom

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA—Thanks to the persistent work of hundreds of home school families in West Virginia, the legislature has approved a bill that provides temporary relief to their restrictive home school law.

"West Virginia home schoolers were there when it counted, calling their legislators, showing up for hearings - they were a model of what involved citizens can do," said Scott Woodruff, HSLDA attorney. "In particular, John Carey, who acted as the legislative liaison for Christian Home Educators of West Virginia, deserves a great amount of credit for his devotion to seeing this task through."

Under current law, parents in West Virginia must have four more years of education than their children in order to home school. Last year home schoolers, led by CHE-WV, were successful in obtaining a one-year waiver on this unfair provision. House Bill 2595 extends the waiver for two additional years. H.B. 2595 will become law unless Governor Bob Wise vetoes it by May 2.

Although HSLDA and West Virginia home schoolers had hoped the rule would be removed permanently, this new two-year waiver puts us a step closer to the ultimate goal of deregulation. Moreover, none of the new regulations backed by the teachers' union, such as requiring testing to be done at the public school, were adopted, although the bill went through numerous amendments on its way to final passage.

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