HSLDA Media Release
February 10, 2000

Marriage Tax Penalty Relief: Statement by Michael Farris, President, Home School Legal Defense Association

For immediate release
February 10, 2000
Contact: Rich Jefferson
(540) 338-8663 or media@hslda.org

It seems that everyone finally agrees — married couples are unfairly treated in the American tax code.

Relief from the marriage tax penalty has been one of the top legislative priorities of the Home School Legal Defense Association during the past two years. Because key congressional leaders heard from their constituents, it has become a national priority.

Under the current American tax code, the marriage penalty taxes the incomes of a married couple at a much higher rate than a cohabiting couple. If a married couple C with one income or two C makes the same income as two singles, the married couple is more than likely paying higher taxes, simply for being married.

Americans believe it is time to eliminate the marriage tax:

  • 85 % of Americans think the marriage tax penalty is unfair. (Wirthlin Worldwide, 8/99)
  • 80% of Americans favor eliminating the marriage tax penalty. (Wirthlin Worldwide, 8/99)
  • 67% of Americans support using the budget surplus to eliminate or reduce the marriage tax penalty. (Harris poll, 12/97)

Eliminating the marriage penalty is not only a necessary financial relief; it is also a very important policy change. It provides an opportunity for the government to recognize and support the vital contribution marriage makes to the betterment of our society. Couples who marry should not suffer for making the daily commitments and sacrifices necessary to support their families.

We all know that the marriage penalty is simply unfair. Our belief is that the marriage penalty should not be phased out slowly, but should be eliminated as quickly as possible.

The Home School Legal Defense Association, and our 65,000 member families urge you to please SUPPORT marriage penalty relief that provides the quickest resolution of this unfair tax code provision.