December 11, 2012

From Our President

HSLDA’s Co-Laborer of Year Recipient

J. Michael Smith
HSLDA President
Elliot Ko graduates from Oak Brook law school.
HSLDA Legal Assistant Elliot Ko displays his usual exuberance while graduating from Oak Brook College law school this summer.

Each year at our Christmas Party, we recognize one of our staff members as co-laborer of the year. To my knowledge, we have never shared this information before with our members and friends of HSLDA. However, as you may have recognized, we are making a concerted effort to personalize our communications by including photographs and biographical information of the lawyers and staff who serve you.

Therefore, I thought it appropriate to share with you our 2012 co-laborer of the year, Mr. Elliot Ko.

Elliot is legal assistant to Dewitt Black III. He has worked two years at HSLDA.

Our staff, through a recommendation process, selected Elliot as this year’s winner.

Above and Beyond

Elliot was a very popular choice because of his servant’s heart. He is excellent in every area of his responsibilities, paying attention to detail, while serving our members and nonmembers alike with compassion and wisdom. He also goes beyond the call of duty by volunteering to help in other departments, while working beyond his normal hours without complaint. He approaches everything he does with abounding energy and joy in heart.

While doing all this, Elliot has graduated from Oak Brook College law school, passed the California Bar Examination and was just sworn in as an attorney, licensed to practice law in California—all at the ripe old age of 21.

By the way, Elliot was homeschooled, and his parents did an outstanding job of educating and raising him. You are truly blessed to have Elliot on your side here at HSLDA.