November 20, 2012

A Letter from HSLDA’s Litigation Department

Family-Friendly Psychologists Needed

Staff Attorney Darren Jones is a member of HSLDA’s litigation team. He and his wife homeschool. Read more >>

Wanted: Your Recommendation

Have a psychologist or psychiatrist to recommend? Please email

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

We need your help.

Are you a family psychologist or psychiatrist? Or are you licensed by your state to conduct family evaluations in other contexts? Has your family used a psychologist that you would recommend? We would like to collect a list of family-friendly psychologists who we could recommend to our members in situations where an assessment would be helpful.

Homeschool freedom can come under attack many different ways. Sometimes the attack is as simple as a letter from the school district asking for just one more piece of paper—one they aren’t entitled to by law. Or it could be legislation introduced to ratchet up regulation in your state. Maybe it’s a prosecutor filing truancy charges because of a misunderstanding over what your state’s homeschool law requires.

HSLDA is committed to defending freedom in all these situations. But cases aren’t always this simple: sometimes homeschool families are attacked because an estranged family member has made false allegations of abuse, or because someone thinks a child with special learning needs isn’t being properly educated.

One of the tools that can be helpful in these cases is a positive evaluation of the family from a psychological perspective. Too often, though, the evaluator is completely unfamiliar with homeschooling—we have even seen homeschooling show up in evaluations as a red flag rather than a strength.

Please email recommendations to

Thank you for your help, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Darren A. Jones
Staff Attorney, Litigation Department