October 15, 2012

HSF Ambassador Program Keeps Growing

Hands-on Help Program Reveals Heart of HSLDA

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The Home School Foundation Ambassador Program, made up of volunteers from all over the nation who have a heart for serving homeschool families in need, is growing! We have ambassadors in over half the states. One of the roles our Ambassadors fill is to identify financially disabled homeschooling families who need help. Then, working with our staff, they find ways to bring tangible, compassionate assistance to these families.

  • A single mother with two special needs children in Arizona received the gift of a new property fence, staving off legal action by her home owners association.
  • A family in Texas received a gift of money after the brief, intense illness and death of their father, a gift that helped the widow and six young children through their initial time of grief. Several other families in Texas received gifts of money which enabled them to celebrate Christmas in a humble way and purchase curricula for the next semester of school.
  • A family in North Carolina received the curricula they needed after suffering a devastating house fire.
  • A military family in Florida with disabled parents and small children received a day of yard clearing which lowered the risk of wildfire during a drought.

See our Foundation Report for more stories like these online.

These are some of the creative ways that HSF Ambassadors are extending a message of support and encouragement to families struggling to continue homeschooling. For more information on how you and your family can become involved, please visit the HSF website.