September 4, 2012

Home School Foundation—The Charitable Arm
of HSLDA and Workplace Giving

Fall is an exciting time at the Home School Foundation, especially for our voluntary HSF Ambassadors. September through December is the season of workplace giving fairs all over the country for federal workers. Our ambassadors serve as HSF’s representatives to meet and greet employees considering which nonprofit organizations to support. There are two aspects about workplace giving that may interest you.

If you are a federal employee, please consider a workplace giving pledge to HSF using our CFC No. 10535. You can help us make a difference for military families, single parents, widowed families, special needs families, and natural disaster victims.

If you have a few hours a month to invest and have been seeking a way to become involved in the local work of HSF, perhaps attending a workplace giving event as an HSF Ambassador would appeal to you. A friendly ambassador’s presence at these events causes giving to increase and broadens our donor base. Several ambassadors are set to attend events in various states, and many more are needed. HSF will equip you with table display materials and presentation guidelines, and only a few hours per event are required.

To learn more about becoming an ambassador visit the HSF website.