May 8, 2012

Mike Farris Defends Parental Rights on Fox News

HSLDA Chairman Michael Farris appeared on national television Tuesday morning to defend parental rights in regard to yet another current and controversial topic—child obesity.

Farris, who is also president of, told Martha MacCallum of America’s Newsroom that government attempts to restrict what schoolchildren eat and drink undermine the authority of parents.

“Overweight government is not going to solve the problem of child obesity,” Farris said.

At issue was a proposal in Massachusetts to ban sales of candy and desserts used in school fundraisers.

Farris pointed out that such a law represents a one-size-fits-all approach that ultimately must prove ineffective. Families, he said, are in the best position to guard the health of children—not the government.

As a permanent measure to protect families, Farris is leading the effort to pass a parental rights amendment to the Constitution. The amendment is expected to be introduced in both houses of Congress in the next few days.