March 31, 2008

Support Homeschooling: Write to Your Local Newspaper

The recent events in California have raised the profile of homeschooling and given us an unprecedented opportunity to educate more people about the benefits of homeschooling.

Hundreds of media outlets have already covered the story fairly, but there are many thousands more who could write a positive homeschool related article. All media outlets need a hook on which to hang their story. The California ruling, and subsequent outrage, is the perfect hook.

In order to gain greater attention for the education success story of homeschooling, we suggest that you contact your local newspaper and encourage them to cover your local homeschool community.

Below are some of the points we suggest you make. Please use your own words so reporters do not receive the same letter. Click here for more information.

1. The ruling made California the only state that requires parents to be certified teachers.

2. HSLDA gathered over 250,000 signatures in just 10 days, which shows just how much outrage exists against the decision.

3. The story has received significant media coverage, including national venues such as ABC World News Tonight and the Wall Street Journal. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has also condemned the decision.

4. Homeschooling is growing at an estimated 7-15% per year and homeschool students score significantly above average on standardized achievement tests. Click here for research on homeschooling achievement.

5. Offer a local example of homeschooling success from your family or local support group. This could be an award, success in a competition, family that used to struggle in public school but is now flourishing in a homeschool environment etc.

Alternatively, you could simply write a 500-word opinion article outlining your reason for homeschooling and the positive experience it has been.

It is my hope that thousands of reporters across the country, once they receive compelling letters from homeschool families, will either cover the story themselves, or simply print your letter.

We have an educational success story to tell. Let’s put it in front of the media.