August 29, 2006

We Need You to Help Register Voters Next Month

Generation Joshua and the National Center for Home Education (NCHE), divisions of HSLDA, are pleased to announce the 2006 Voter Registration Initiative (VRI). Launched in 2004, the VRI is a non-partisan program designed to increase voter participation and voter turnout among church-going Christian conservatives. We believe you—and especially your teens—have been raised up to make a difference in America at this important juncture in our nation’s history.

A critical part of this mission includes getting churches and their congregations actively involved in the political process. In 2001, a Pew Research poll showed that of the 59 million self-proclaimed evangelicals of voting age in America, less then 60 percent were registered to vote, and only 25 percent actually voted. With this paltry participation, it is not surprising that we have lost the pro-life battle for 30 years and are struggling to stop the onslaught of homosexual marriage.

A 10 percent increase in voter participation from America’s churches would mean 6 million more voters casting ballots for hundreds of candidates who believe in homeschooling, life for the unborn, and in marriage between one man and one woman. Imagine the impact this would have on our political landscape and the laws affecting the family.

To make this vision of church participation a reality, we are calling on all homeschool families to become voter registration coordinators for their churches. A church coordinator’s job is simply to obtain permission and cooperation from your church leadership, and conduct a voter registration drive on at least one Sunday before October. We have made this task easy with step-by-step instructions that include how to talk to your pastor, the rules about conducting voter registration drives in churches, and how to set up a voter registration table at a Sunday service.

In addition, Generation Joshua and NCHE have designated September 10 and 17, “National Voter Registration Sundays.”

To become a part of this critical mission to reclaim America for righteousness, visit Generation Joshua’s 2006 Voter Registration Initiative webpage.