January 10, 2005
Legislative Goals for the 108th Congress
Home School Legal Defense Association

Issue Description

During the 108th Congress HSLDA and the National Center for Home Education focused on tracking legislation that, if passed into law, could affect homeschoolers. If action was necessary we notified our members. Two issues which required action were the Home School Non-Discrimination Act (HoNDA) and the Marriage Protection Amendment.

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 108th Congressional Legislation

   108th Congress 
H.R. 163—Universal National Service Act of 2003

H.R. 282 — Education Freedom Act

H.R. 516 — General Education Provisions Act

H.R. 612 — Family Education Freedom Act of 2003

H.R. 759 — Making Marriage Tax Relief Permanent Act of 2003

H.R. 1350 — Improving Education Results for Children With Disabilities Act of 2003 (IDEA)

H.R. 1575 — Help and Opportunities for Parents of Exceptional Children Act of 2003

H.R. 2446 — Permanent Marriage Tax Elimination Act of 2003

H.R. 3007—Universal Pre—Kindergarten Act

H.R. 3139 — Fair labor Standards Act of 1938

H.R. 4181 — Marriage Penalty Tax bill
If passed into law, H.R. 4181 would amend current law and eliminate the marriage penalty tax permanently.

Senator Specter Update

H Res. 21 — House Resolution on CEDAW

H.R. 3069 — Right to Life Act

S. 4 — Opportunity for Every Child Act of 2003

S. 89 — Universal National Service Act of 2003

S. 120 — Marriage Penalty Relief Act of 2003

S. 342 — Keeping Children and Families Safe Act of 2003
Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Act

S. 604 — Responsible Fatherhood Act of 2003

S. 1196 — Permanent Marriage Penalty Relief Act of 2003

S. 1562 — Home School Non—Discrimination Act of 2003 (HONDA)

S. 2027— Driver Education and Licensing Improvement Act of 2004

H.R. 2732 — Homeschool Non—Discrimination Act (HONDA)
Homeschool Non—Discrimination Act (HONDA)

Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA)

H.J. Res. 56 — Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA)

S.J. Res. 26 — Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA)

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